polo umpireBrenda Myrjam  de Boer is the driving force behind the website www.polo-umpire.com

She has been playing for 20 years, is a teacher IN what and runs Polo Club Midden-Nederland in the Netherlands.

Her goal is to promote the use of independent umpires and fair play so that the match flows throughout.

Through polo-umpire.com, match organisers can find an umpire for their polo tournaments all over the world. The umpire has contributed in this section by presenting tips and tricks about rules and tactics.

фото автораffd статьиIgnacio Fernandez Llorente – an official umpire of the Argentina Polo Association, is renowned for his helmet camera which he uses to film videos of polo games. He is the founder of the page www.poloin.com.ar which details penalties, tactics  and polo tips.

The Polo Rules Course is good for all levels from elementary to advanced and includes many examples filmed at games in different countries.  It is recommended to follow the order of the course and see it more than once to understand each example. Many videos are a compilation of the best moves in a game so players can see themselves playing for the first time in their lives. His videos are filmed from a referee’s point of view and are used not only to improve his own profession but make a contribution to the growth of this sport.

Saving energy is basic in women and children’s polo.


Says Ignacio, “I usually see how exhausting it is using the mallet. I have had lessons with 8-year-old children who could not lift the mallet and I would have to find a method for them to play and compete. When I say they could not do it, it is because I had to help them lift the mallet.

For this reason, we did the following training which I strongly recommend for women. Do this exercise when you stick the ball, when training and in competitions.

Always leave the mallet up. Once you have struck the ball or used the mallet, with the same movement continue raising the mallet so it stays up or rests on your shoulder, if you feel more comfortable.

It can never stay down, because of the following:

– You would use all your strength in lifting the mallet and have no energy left to hit the ball.

– You may not hit it hard enough so you would have to hit it again; many times it is a bad shot.

– If you do not swing forward it will be a wrong shot.

– You may not be able to pass the ball.

– You waste time and the opposite team could score.

As you see, a short hit is extremely negative for the game. So I insist Mallet up!!

We see many shots where a bounced ball appears unexpectedly because it was wrongly shot by a player. If your mallet is up, you are always ready to hit it.

Once you achieve this, you need to practice that when the ball appears, you point to it, arch forward to the right so you can hit it again and take priority over the linear direction.

Girls, be careful with the throw in, as you have to leave the mallet down. Do not spin it.  This will avoid mishaps.

If you manage to leave the mallet up not only will you improve your game but also save energy.”