For a tournament season-high tension is customary and around the last week before the tournament. Psychological and physical pressure peaks during this time.

For a tournament season-high tension is customary and around the last week before the tournament. Psychological and physical pressure peaks during this time.

What other important aspects should you consider in your preparation apart from gym activities and daily training? “It is the diet that can become your winning card! Proper dietary structure boosts your performance, multiplies your efficiency and lets you maintain a high level of intense strength. With the set of features listed above you will become a leading player, able to solve difficult game situations on a playing field ‘outside the box’ and therefore have advantage over your rivals.”

Your question as to why are there so many advantages resulting from quality nourishment? “Even if you are a sports person with a head start, you can lose your ability and flair beforehand combined with your techniques needed for training. If you haven’t eaten for a long time or have eaten the wrong type of food, a proper food ration is capable of giving functional balance and additional energy.”

Main recommendations. Your meals should be rich with carbohydrates, fiber and unsaturated fats. Protein gives tone to your muscles and lets them recover after fast training.

Portions. Portions should be moderate to good. If you are at home reading a newspaper, a pea on a plate is not enough. However throughout the tournament period, food for fuel is required. It will provide you with the all-round support. Large portions though will overload your digestive system resulting with a heavy and bloated feeling in the stomach.

Not recommended. Do not forget about food due to your anxiety! Your adrenalin level is off the chart, combined with fully-functioning as a player, make you lose calories faster.

As a priority. Balance between carbohydrates, protein  and unsaturated fats. Our diet is based on your body’s needs with certain nutrients.

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It is better to start your morning with a glass of water; the best way to kick-start your abdominals and prepare your stomach for breakfast. Water needs can vary greatly from person to person. (Diet, activity levels, and even the weather can all have a major
impact on our hydration and water requirements.)  So there is no universal amount of water that everyone on the planet
should be drinking each day. The health authorities commonly recommend eight 8-ounce glasses, which equals about 2 liters, or half a gallon.

Chicken curry with flavoured rice.

Chicken breast

70 gr of basmati rice

200 gr of tomatoes


2 garlic cloves

½ of chili

½ of onion

150-200 ml of chicken stock

Coriander, bay leaf, cardamom, cinnamon, turmeric

Salt, freshly ground black pepper

 Mixtire of cloves, caraway  seeds and cardamom.

fitness for polo

Grate the ginger and garlic. Coarsely chop the onion. Put a mixture of flavorings and the bay leaf on a frying pan, add some water. Add rice in a minute and stir for several minutes. Then add chicken stock. Bring to the boil.  The rice will be ready when the stock has completely dissolved in the boiling water.

Dice the fillet. Sear it on a low heat with a small amount of water until it is golden brown. Fry the onion without oil together with flavorings on a red-hot frying pan until it has a nice golden colour. Add ginger and garlic and after several minutes add chili, tomatoes and the remaining flavourings with salt and pepper to taste. Stew chicken in the flavoured sauce on a low heat for 15-20 minutes.