This book  is written by three authors that have spent their lifetimes on a horse and their authoritative words are worth serious consideration by those who want to learn.

Recommendation : Polo Technique

The ex-polo player Stèphane Macaire and the horse riding expert Dominique Pan looked for an original way to explain the complex art of playing polo and they successfully achieved it through their book.

Polo Technique is wpolo academyritten in French (the native language of both authors) and English. Funny humorous images drawn by Jennifer Macaire stand out as they are added to the clear explanations of the sport, in order to make a more enjoyable read and to improve their understanding of the activity.

The 200 pages divided in  three chapters – The striking of the ball, Riding a horse, About the game and Strategy; all full of photographs and graphs. Macaire and Pan achieved their intention to make this more entertaining than an explanation manual. Chapeau! 

Fact Sheet:

Pages: 200

Year of publication: 2010

Where to buy it:,,

Approximate Price: €60/70