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In this digital era we are going through, we can learn to do almost everything through a device we can carry inside our pocket.

Recommendation : ‘Polo for the 21st Century’

The 40 years of experience of author Rege Ludwig as coach and polo instructor, combined polo bookwith the spectacular art of Jean Abernethy, generate an effective, fast reading book for a new player to begin the ability to train from day one.

Although Ludwig’s career was mainly based on high handicap, this book can be really useful for all kinds of players, both men and women.  The book not only gives advice for beginners learning to play but also to those who are close to being 10-goalers.


Pages: 200

Publication year: 2011

Where can I buy it? amazon.com, regeludwigpolo.com, tackeria.com

Estimated Price: U$S 50