Polo & Yoga intensive training in Argentina, season 2016-2017, Buenos Aires.

As we all know, intense polo training can cause muscle soreness. A good remedie for this is to practice yoga. After the success in 2014, Palo Alto Polo Club is organizing another Yoga course for this season to relax and stretch your muscles.

And what is a better place to do it than Argentina, the Mecca of polo as it hosts the best players with the best tournaments of the world.

Often, it is a dream for players to come and learn with Argentine pro’s whilst living the Argentine polo lifestyle. Many of them already play polo and wish to improve their skills or play high goal polo matches.

To achieve this they play multiple weeks in a row causing a strain on their muscles. Because of this it shouldn’t come as a surprise that combining exercises and stretching has become a trend in the polo playing world. At Palo Alto Polo Club, as we see many international clients come in for intensive polo training, we also noticed that stretching could help them get much more out of their polo stay.

Palo Alto Polo Club is a club just outside Pilar where guest can live and breathe polo with the help of experts.  The Polo club is also well known for its teaching skills, horse performance and the quality of its facilities and grounds. During the high season, the city of Pilar hosts the best players, grooms and horses in preparation for the most important tournaments in the world calendar. The Club was founded in 2005 by Leo Rossolini a local professional player and a passionate horse man. His vision was to have the best club and facilities to keep playing the best polo in the world for many years to come.


 We seek to find the best possible training combination leading to as little muscle pain possible. This way we hope that our polo guest can players as  much and intense polo as possible.

The polo & yoga combination will come to life in a couple of ways. It seeks to combine workshops on personal leadership with yoga, meditation and pranayama (breathing) exercises. So besides the yoga sessions, participants will look into teamwork on the polo field, control of the horse and how to see yourself in the bigger picture of a polo game. These topics are hand-picked and aim to better one’s game both by enabling the body and the mind.

So why is  Polo and Yoga such a good combination?

Horse riding, in general, can create very sore and tight inner thighs. Due to the intense movements for polo you can get sore shoulders and a tight neck. Carrying the mallet can lead to a tight or sore wrist & lower arms. Something crucial for a polo player is to have a  strong core.on top of the before mentioned is to have a strong core. 

polo-fitnessIf one works on the core muscles, one will be more stable and balanced on the horse.

Players need to strengthen their quadriceps to be able to stand up while the horse is running and they need to twist the core of their body. This is why an enormous flexibility is required to be successful and hit the ball with full strength. It gives you the ability to twist and turn to hit the ball and have a better reach. Yoga can help to achieve this as it trains people to be more flexible.

A day at Palo Alto Polo Club, within the Yoga and Polo Clinic, will be full of polo, stretching and working on the player’s mind. The participants will be looking at their natural position in the field, how to recognize strategies to be successful and how to control the horse best. The program is for anyone interested to see a different schedule for a polo clinic.


It is also ideal for the players wishing to take the best care of their body possible whilst intensively learn or play polo. It will be a pleasure for anyone whom is interested in teamwork and mindfulness.

The schedule for the polo clinic is flexible and upon interest. Contact Emily for more information @ info@paloaltopolo.com for dates and schedules.

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