polo books

Are you a beginner in polo? Here are the  recommendations that you need to read before sitting on the saddle.

Recommendation : ‘Playmaker Polo’

 Written by one of the most memorable American polo players, coach, instructor and author Hugh Dawnay (1932-2012), this book explains in point by point detaPLAYMAKER POLOil, all the aspects of the complex game of polo that is a’ must read’ for a newcomer to the activity.

His vast experience in coaching allowed Dawnay to explain all you need; from how to mount, focusing on hitting techniques to making the animal obey the horseman. ‘Playmaker Polo’ with Gonzalo Pieres Sr. on its cover has several anecdotes that clarifies all the explained theory.

Another aspect of Hugh’s book is on the emphasis of high-quality pictures; each movement explained by the author is accompanied by graphics to make them easier to understand.


Pages: 368

Publication year: 2004

Where can I buy it? amazon.com, horseandriderbooks.com, booksonhorses.com.au, eBay.es

Estimated price: U$S 100/120