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La Dolfina has been more than a polo team for a long time. It has evolved into a symbol of polo lifestyle. La Dolfina Store, an enormous shop on Avenida Figeroa Alcorta in Buenos Aires is the perfect example of how the original retail concept of Adolfo Cambiaso has developed into an international brand.10x6

 When someone is asked what is special about La Dolfina Store, they answer “It makes you feel like you are on a journey.  It has an international touch and transports you elsewhere”. It seems to be true.  This magnificent place cannot be referred to as a clothes shop. It represents what the brand implies; from the imperceptible simplicity to the elegance beyond its frontiers. All surrounded by an atmosphere far from the noisy city where it is  located.

This house of polo is situated in Avenida Figeroa Alcorta at 3300 in Buenos Aires and it is a must for all polo lovers when they visit the capital city during the high handicap season. It is located on one of the most important corners of the city (Calle Ocampo crosses at this point) and in an emblematic historical building; even La Dolfina are not allowed to change its front.

8x1Besides clothes, there is a polo museum in the shop with polo items lent by Adolfo Cambiaso’s friends, such as helmets, sticks, saddles, cups and much more. In order to make it a ‘complete experience’, as they call it, the polo bar was opened in December last year. A high-end gastronomic experience which launched its own wine brands, with two names, La Dolfina Blend and La Dolfina Roble and they can be tasted there.

The Marketing Department talks proudly about their work which is a clear sign that things are well done, in a passionate way. They assure the brand was made to show polo lifestyle, portrayed in the life of Adolfo Cambiaso and his wife, María Vázquez, the famous designer and model, who travelled around the world.  Clientele can still enjoy everything; from wearing casual clothes like a white t-shirt, jeans or overalls on a polo day to a good shirt or any kind of material for an important event. Thus, a clothes brand can be part of their lifestyle.

The first clothes collection ‘La Dolfina for Women Only’ was launched in the summer 2015 and this was a brand that they did not have previously. The second one will come out in winter 2016 “it will be much more elaborated”, from 8x5María’s vision as she travels around the important capital cities of fashion. “Women have just opened their own space here. The collections have basic items, jeans, t-shirts made of Peruvian Pima cotton, sleeveless t-shirts and white and beige tops, also in different shades of blue, the ‘in colour’ this summer. There is also a smarter collection with a beautiful black jumpsuit, dresses and trousers, smart and comfortable as they fit perfectly. In addition to this, there are shoes and leather bags. We invite you to visit us and draw your own conclusions. This fashion space was set up to stay and will get bigger season after season”, they explain to Polo Lady at the bar, with music in the background which makes your stay at the store a pleasantly melodic experience. It is much more than a clothes shop but a place for harmonious retail therapy combined with a relaxed social atmosphere, in beautiful Buenos Aires.

Women mainly work at the store and their warmth is shown because of what the shop means to them.  “This is our home”, they say in unison. When María and Adolfo come to Buenos Aires during the season they feel Palacio Alcorta is indeed their home.  Says Maria, “Here is their spirit, of the wood to the carpentry and the presentation of the La Dolfina brand. Everything has a rustic but elaborated style that makes us feel comfortable. La Dolfina is a company that represents polo from its birth place, with its country values, nature, and freedom.

This was all reflected in the last summer collection campaign which took place on the beach, more precisely in Costa Esmeralda. It showed moments of summer and freedom using a horse walking freely on the sand”.


It seems La Dolfina polo, value their summer fashion campaigns as an added attraction for their customers. This is summarized in a convincing statement from the Company – ‘We genuinely make our mark in polo.   We do not go or sponsor a polo team. This is why we are enormously different from the rest. Here, Polo, is in our DNA’.

“Perhaps the novelty, far from being the clothes, is the bar. People do not usually go into a clothes shop and have the possibility of having something to drink at a bar. You have this at La Dolfina, where you can go with friends, have birthday parties or meetings. Maria and Adolfo say they will also have talks and wine tasting sessions in the future.

Concerning the type of people who come to Alcorta, they are not only related to the polo world. The marketing department says that the brand has become known more than the sport because La Dolfina has trend items. “You will want to wear a sports  item but not necessarily change your style. Clothes are modern but practical. Men can find things to dress well without wearing high trend items. Jeans, for example, fit perfectly. We have regular customers who always ask for the same type of jeans. We found a balance between casual and formal, trend and classic.  It is a very balanced mixture of fashion”.IMG_9601-1-km

Due to its design, La Dolfina Store has recently developed into an important venue for polo related events. In 2015, the team shirt was presented.  It would later make history when the Triple Corona was won for the third consecutive time. At the official opening of the polo bar, María Vázquez and Adolfo Cambiaso were joined by their friends, his business partner and his group, the tennis player, Juan Mónaco, the model, Dolores Trull and all the press media. This was combined with some other events at the branches of Unicenter (a shopping centre located in Martínez, in the north of Buenos Aires), Galerías Pacífico and Distrito Arcos; both of these in the centre of Buenos Aires.

Concerning branches outside Argentina, there are already some stores in Uruguay and in the Department Store ‘Ripley’ in Chile and there are further plans to have other branches of this brand in more countries in the future.

special thanks to The Marketing Department at La Dolfina Store and the Shop Staff.