I set up Fitness for Polo in 2014 because I wanted to help as many people as possible to see the benefits of physical training for polo. I have been involved with the polo community for 8 years and over that timeI have helped many players of all levels to get fit for polo, avoid injury and learn how to get the best out of their bodies for this sport.

fitness for polo

However what I noticed about polo was that taking the sport seriously and training like a pro was reserved for those lucky few with the budget, time and access to a personal trainer like myself. Now this doesn’t seem fair.

So  with  this  in   mind  I started   a   company that is dedicated to helping people on an international scale regardless of budget, handicap, fitness level or where they are in the world.

In today’s modern world we are lucky enough to be able to access information at the touch of a button and this is what Fitness for Polo is all about; giving you the ability to access my knowledge and experience online from across the world. My aim is to teach you how to train yourself at home, on the polo field or in the gym.

While we have some exciting projects in the running for this New Year we can also help you right now with our Online Training Plan. This is a fitness plan that is designed for you, incorporating some of our favourite exercises and drills from our Exercise and Fitball Guides, available on Amazon and our Hand-Eye Coordination Challenge.

The Online Training Guide is a great way to help you get fit and stay fit for the season or to help maintain fitpolo lady magazineness throughout the off-season. With exercises designed to target specific problem areas for polo such as the rotational muscles, inner thigh muscles and the muscles of the core, it is the first Guide ever to be created with the exact needs of polo players in mind.

You will really start to see  a difference in your polo as  you come back into it stronger, less prone to aches and pains and less at risk of injuries that can cause setbacks during your polo season.

All the exercises can be performed at home and the Guide can be carried around in your pocket making it handy to take to games for warm-up inspiration or to take to the gym for a full on polo fitness session. It also includes a complimentary Stretching Guide that is fantastic for helping you to stretch out before and after matches, decreasing your risk of injury as well as increasing your flexibility on the horse.

Here are a couple of the exercises you will see in our Online Training Guide:

Deep Lunge

Stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Take a large lunging step forwards. Drop into a deep lunge so the trailing knee just touches the floor. Push forwards through the hips to increase the stretch in the hip flexors. Try to touch the floor with the elbow on the same side as the forwarded leg, then extend your knee and hold that position. Repeat for the opposite leg.

Lunge  Throw

Stand about 1metre from a wall. Holding a lunge position, rotate your chest around until it is square with the wall. Using that rotational momentum, overhead, throw the ball against the wall and catch it again. Do all 5 reps on the same leg, and then switch directions and front leg.

See you on the polo fields and good luck in this fascinating sport!


fitness for polo

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