Ladies’ Polo & Love…Love Polo fashion designer, Diana Dieppa, has done a fabulous job! 

Diana Dieppa. The sport of polo is in the heart of Diana. She is now a – 2 Player and has played in Argentina and Italy. As Diana says, “the sport is a drug as we all know. Being on the horse and hitting the Boccia On the right angle and being in the game is really exciting. But what I love about Polo is that it’s a mix of everything, you get to prepare the horses and the team, There is also the social part that is a lot of fun.

Ladies' polo

I have been fortunate enough to be with my husband, Pulli,  in many places for polo, some of my favorites are St Tropez, Sylt, Amsterdam, and Argentario Polo Club in Italy, to name a few. But we have even been to Pakistan.

For me the polo world is like a big family; you see people once a year, some of them you have seen grow; for instance, I met Juan Martin Nero when he was a 4 hp and playing in Rome. I then bumped in to  him a few years later and he is a 10! 

Ladie's polo

I think that the love of the sport unites people in a special way!

You can also share it with your family. What a lot of fun it is when you are on the field playing with your family like I do with my daughter Olympia.

 All that makes me love this sport and that is why I have created Love Polo because I saw the love people have for this wonderful sport. And I wanted to share it with the world through my line. We started with some fun t-shirts that actually had the handicap of the Polo Players like Juan Martin Nero, Diego Cavanagh, Facha Orosco, Santi Novillo Estrada, Joaquin Piccaluga and Pulli Grillini.

The idea was to make people who were not familiar with the polo world, learn a little more about this game and everyone who is part of the polo family.

Ladies' polo Love polo


Italian fashion, that is the heart of Love Polo. Designed, made and inspired in Italy, Love Polo is the passion of Diana Dieppa. It all started from a passion and family traditions.

Diana Dieppa wearing the Love Polo ‘Angelina’ dress

It is not surprising that Diana became a designer and created Love Polo. She has been designing her own clothing from a very young age in Colombia. She studied Marketing and Audio Visuals in Boston; then in Colomb

ia she opened a clothing store called  ‘Spiaggia’ and created her own line of bathing suits.Recognized in her hometown, with a model like Sofia Vergara in Spiaggia bathing suits, Diana moved to Bogota where she had a career as a television presenter with her own show called Paparazzi TV, which had a huge success. That is where she met her Italian husband Polo Player, Pulli. She then got married and moved to Rome.

In Italy she worked for Italian and Colombian TV, interviewing personalities like Shakira and Ronaldo Valentino, the designer,  just to name a few. She presented her own show, in which she was dressed by Valentino.

After a short break to become a mother, Diana created La Bag Roma, with 3 partners. The bags were sold in Porto Cervo, Italy, and Harvey Nichols in London, amongst others, was one of her customers. It was a huge success.

Adolfo Cambiaso Love Polo

For a while Diana went back to TV and Presented a Festival of Cinema in Cartagena with Benicio del Toro. Design kept calling her though and being married to a Polo Player she wanted to create a line inspired by the sport she and her family love so much.  Diana’s experience made her value Italian quality in design and fashion. She created an atelier that gave life to her ideas mixing materials and fabrics, and letting her play with concepts drawn from her Colombian background combined with an Italian influence. Love Polo enters a new chapter with the summer collection of 2016.

Beautiful designs and a mix of fantastic fabrics give you a luxury feel but are still comfortable to wear.

The new collection is casual chic, appropriate for many different kinds of occasions. Love Polo fashion designer, Diana Dieppa, has done a fabulous job mixing neoprene, coolmax, lurex, silk and lace to create beautiful wearable items.

The lines of each item follow the contours of the body and bring out the best in you. The designs are sexy but classy, sporty and chic. We are totally in love with them!


The Collection is inspired by a great love of polo and by the 80 polo ponies that roam around the farm of the Company’s owners (each item carries the name of a polo pony); by Argentina where the family spends six months a year to play polo, and by a Colombian mother, Italian father and daughter who all play and live in the polo world. The brand borrows the heart and soul of the polo sport, reinterpreting it and transforming it into fashion. It has all to do with the love of this wonderful sport and way of life.

Personal: Diana personally chooses the colours, patterns, materials and fabrics for each piece.

Casual chic clothing: Love Polo is casual enough to wear day to day but also chic enough for people who love the beauty of life and quality products.

Quality: Love Polo is organic cotton, hand-dyed, hand-stitched with love in a craft production facility in the town of Magliano Sabina in Italy, by a small team in an artisan laboratory, where Love Polo is situated.