EquestribarPerformance Nutrition for Equestrians

 By Rebekah Pizana

Rebekah Pizana runs the sales and marketing for Greenhill Winery in Middleburg, Virginia. She also publishes the town’s monthly magazine, “Middleburg Life,” and is involved in a variety of hobbies including Polo and Foxhunting.

women's polo

I didn’t grow up playing polo, nor did I grow up riding horses. I went on a few trail rides as a kid, had an exciting cattle drive experience as a teenager, but mostly stared at and admired horses from a distance for years.polo-woman

When I began working in Marketing in Middleburg, Virginia—known as the “Horse & Hunt Capital” of the United States—I finally had a really good excuse to learn to ride. I needed to get to know the town’s deep equestrian culture to understand and excel in my job.

Oh and maybe * just maybe * this was my opportunity to fulfill a lifelong dream of working with some of the most stunning, athletic creatures known to mankind.

Since I began riding regularly just three years ago, my body has had to adjust to additional physical stress on my muscles and joints. My day job sponsors Polo locally, and of course, I have to represent our brand, right?

So two years ago, I picked up Polo.  Learning an intense sport at an “older” age is challenging! And scary too! It has taken some time, and I’m definitely not where I want to be yet, but I’m having fun and learning a lot on the way. Part of this learning process has been adjusting my diet and exercise.polo-woman

It has been an exciting two years! Five Polo ponies, and multiple novice tournaments later, I have slowly adapted my lifestyle around this newfound passion. As a 30-something-year-old, I think riding itself can be a lot of additional physical stress, and then to incorporate a high-energy sport like Polo, I think your body just goes “What the heck?”

Once you do achieve those riding muscles (I am still working on mine!), it’s all about maintaining. I have always loved fitness and physical training, and have made it a priority in my life as a part-time model. Protein supplements and energy bars are what keep me going. I rely on bars the entire year to support my meal plans, riding or not. Now, riding is a regular part of my life and I have had to increase my vitamin and supplement intake to stay energized and maintain the muscles I have worked so hard for.polo horse

During Polo season, I feel like I am always hungry, I could snack all day long! A good day of riding or Polo can mean a lot of cardio, which also causes more joint stiffness and pain, and sore areas. To stave my hunger and keep my energy up, I carry a variety of energy shots, juices, pastes, and bars in my polo bag.

I have also boosted my protein intake. Meat is just not enough anymore. A solid high protein bar does the trick. I also take turmeric daily for joint relief, to reduce soreness, and aid in brain alertness (those early AM games on hot days!). I even think turmeric helps me reduce potential bruising.

With these adjustments to my own diet and nutrition, I started looking for health supplements specifically for riders and didn’t have any luck. I know the idea has been out there, but there was nothing on the market. Until Equestribar, a high protein health bar.polo

Due to the hard work and collaborative efforts of some very talented friends, I am excited to introduce this nutrition supplement specifically designed for equestrians. Satisfying the extra needs of a rider I learned of myself, Equestribar is not only meant to be convenient, but it is designed to support a rider’s diet and nutrition plan with key ingredients like high protein, high fiber, and turmeric.

My goal is to stay healthy and well for as long as possible, so I can ride until I’m 90 years old!

When I turn 75, I will be strong, have high levels of endurance, and be exercising teams of horses around a track like a bad ass. The mission of Equestribar, is to support this dream for myself, and for all equestrians.

My vision is to expand this brand introducing multiple bar flavors, shakes, drinks, and a variety of other supplements.

About Equestribar:

Available for purchase through Equestribar.com and in select stores starting Christmas 2016 season.

Our first flavor is “Chocolate Fudge Sunflower” made with:

  • 18 Grams of Protein (made with grass fed whey)
  • Contains turmeric to promote joint function, mobility, and flexibility
  •  Nut-Free,made with seed butter
  • Soy-Free
  • Gluten-Free
  • Non-GMO
  • High-Fiber