Victoria Loesener was born in San Isidro, Buenos Aires, Argentina and always had a love of horses. Her childhood was closely linked to riding horses in the beautiful province of Cordoba, a place where horses peacefully enjoy green fields and valleys, streams, gauchos and a magical airy atmosphere.

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Her fondest memories are varied; sometimes she would ride the milkman’s horses, old worn-out horses used to sell milk on the streets all day or ride large horses along the rivers or raced thoroughbred horses. Other times one of her favourite hobbies was to ride on the seashore and even swim in the sea with horses; a host of different landscapes to enjoy the passion of sharing her life with an animal that she admires and respects.  Her constant and intense experience with horses broadened her love for them and strengthened a bond of profound understanding.

Vicky (as she is called) says, “Having spent so much time with horses has taught me important values; I have been caught up in their essence; it is not a coincidence that I am a horse in the Chinese calendar. When I am with them I feel at peace”, she continues with a twinkle in her eyes exuding her indefinable love of horses. “I live and will always be near these creatures that have given me the biggest gift in life”.

When she was 21 Vicky left Argentina to start a new life in Spain. She worked as a personal trainer, teaching Pilates and yoga. Following that she started training horse vaulting (acrobatics on horses) and later discovered polo in Madrid. She trained sticking the ball and fell in love with the game.  She says, “It combines the three most important activities in my life: riding horses, doing sport and having fun”.

Since that time her fascination for polo has not stopped growing. She played in Texas where she won the principal tournament at Austin Polo Club; three women and one man against four men “they could not beat us”, she says and bursts into laughter. She also won a ladies competition at the Volvo Cup in Madrid. Vicky went onto play in India, Austria and finally ran a small polo club in South Africa, full of zebras and wild animals in an idyllic place. In Sotogrande, Cádiz, she also learned the trade of a locksmith that she enjoys but does not consider a living.

Vicky is now devoted to taking loving care of polo ponies; learning dressage, breeding, personal training and tuning up young horses.

In the future, she knows there is a place for her to enjoy playing polo with friends and share unforgettable moments with others fellow players.

Vicky also has a wonderful hobby – she coordinates aerial skills. She has worked in a circus and loves being high in the air. Like polo , this sport helps Vicky express the distinctive and wild side of her personality.

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Victoria Loesener was born in San Isidro, Buenos Aires, Argentina and always had a love of horses. Her childhood was closely linked to riding horses...
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