Club de Polo Ampurdan, Spain

Club de Polo Ampurdan, Spain

Club de Polo Ampurdan (Figueres, Spain)



The City of Figueres is the birthplace of Salvador Dali and home to the  one of the most-visited Spanish museums – The Salvador Dali Museum. It is undoubtedly the place for lovers of  art and original architecture.   Close to the border with France, this Catalan City offers great wine and  food. Figueres is just 10 minutes by car or 20 minutes by train from the beaches of Costa Brava. It offers a relaxing atmosphere where people can visit cosy cafes or take a stroll through the historic Old Town.

The first ’Ladies & Gentlemen’ polo tournament ever organised in Spain, was a great success and welcomed six teams with players from seven countries; Luxembourg, France, UK, Austria, The Netherlands, Germany and Spain. Club de Polo Ampurdan (Figueres, Spain)
This new format, already being applied in Argentina, is based upon having two female and two male players in each team, (on this occasion it was played in open handicap).

 Individual inscriptions are also welcome in this tournament and the rental of horses are available at the Club de Polo Ampurdan, which makes it easy for players from all the world to come and play. Some of the participants in this tournament had already met in the polo world and others became good friends, that weekend at the Club de Polo Ampurdan.

The competition:

The eliminatory came out for the final to be played between the teams PoloForEurope and CPAmpurdan. PoloForEurope defeated CP Ampurdan 6 – 5 and gained the ‘I Ladies & Gentlemen Autumn Cup’ on Sunday 1st November under a stunning November Spanish sun.

The final was breathtaking. Consistently equal, and finally the effective play of Koko Kofler, Caroline Morandi, Erwin Schroevers and Graham Waring triumphed. The opposite team, CP Ampurdan, with Linda Boughey, Emmanuelle Morandi, Jaume Rodríguez and Darío Campos also fought hard and created very good plays, which made the game very exciting to watch.
On Sunday the game for the 3rd place was played, being won by Luxembourg I vs. Mas Bosch 1526 with the result 4-3. And the 5th position for Luxembourg II vs. Villacampos 5-4.

This new tournament format was greatly welcomed by the players and will be organised again next November 2016 at the Club de Polo Ampurdan.

It was an also exciting event for the spectators who came to watch the games and enjoy the fantastic weather with their families!

The social program for players included a ‘typical Spanish-tapas’ dinner at the Costa Brava sea village ‘Roses’ and an asado celebration with live music.

The following event at the Club de Polo Ampurdan is:

22, 23, 24 April 2016: ‘III Ladies First Tournament’, international ladies tournament.