About Us

POLO LADY is the  One&Only International Polo Magazine for women created by KATYA PRUNKOVA. The first issue came out in 2015 and immediately got the attention of the whole polo world.

The number of readers by 2017 has reached 10 000. Unfortunately, in April 2017, Katya had to leave the position of the  Editor due to very busy architectural business.


And now POLO LADY MAGAZINE is looking for the new OWNER!

The main aim of our magazine is to give readers an insight into the world of women’s polo.

POLO LADY is not focusing on competition results as these can be found on the internet and social networking sites, a powerful stream of information online which we cannot compete with; therefore our mission is to create something not only of great interest but engaging.

We attract readers globally, bound together with creating information to support female tournaments, involve sponsors and help players who organize and participate in female championships.

Our magazine is completely different from any online media; similar to a book filled with interesting interviews and beautiful illustrations. The use of modern technologies allow us to include interactive lessons, fascinating reports with photographs of professional players and ordinary people who polo enthusiasts.

The basic idea is to emphasize that such a serious and complex sport has a huge potential for women. Although this sport still purports to be expensive and elitist, there is an increasing number of women who are fascinated by the world of polo.

New polo clubs are opening worldwide, and an increasing amount of women are playing in their tournaments. We want to tell you everything about it! We have also cherry picked advertisers to show you the different aspects of the social life and magnificent polo holidays.

Our first three issues were made on the Apple platform. 

polo magazine
polo magazine
polo magazine
polo lady magazine

We have analysed the downloads of our magazine on App Store during 4 months and we realise that most of our readers do not have access to App Store. There are not that many women in polo, therefore, we value every reader. So we decided to change the format of the magazine. We have created a new platform: online POLO LADY magazine. Now you are able to read POLO LADY Magazine on every device, including your laptop, tablet or mobile. All you need now is Internet.

This is not a sports magazine but a magazine about life around the sport. We wish all the best to everyone in this fascinating sport and see you on the fields!

We thank you to everyone who has believed in us, supported us and encouraged us to continue with this captivating project!